Monday, March 4, 2013

Junkyard fine

Junkyard fine Long ago I decided that Sundays are not a day to think, write or wander about the life of the stars. More than anything mental hygiene. No I invented, I think the churches are preaching a few centuries ... what do I do? Well I'm in the junkyard fine, a family tradition that all members of my clan practice perseverance more or less: Diogenes syndrome is of my father, my mother's knack for sanding and varnishing furniture that "adopts" the garbage and then I am with my obsession with garage sales and antique markets ... Although this illustrious lineage in tow, either go mad living in Southern California (SoCal for locals), paradise markets, flea markets, flea markets, sales and special and wonderful that parallel universe called Craigslist , you deserve (and will have) their own post someday.

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