Friday, March 1, 2013

Why are unfaithful?

Today, all we hear hundreds of cases of couples where one or both partners have cheated your boy or girl kissing or having sex with other people, which means that, unfortunately, are many and many who seek advice infidels in books, Internet and other media.

Why are unfaithful?

But, why commit infidelity, and what is it that can make us forget our partner to make us fall into the arms of someone else? Know some of the causes of infidelity.

Low self-esteem

Women who have low self-esteem are more easily delivered to another man because, when a guy the flatter, the compliments and tell them how wonderful they are, causes, in many cases, to be seduced by him. Also, there are girls who do not feel attractive or desired by their partner and therefore feel the need to captivate another man to feel beautiful again.

Too much routine

When a relationship does not care enough, it is normal to fall into the routine and monotony, an issue that causes many people to commit an infidelity to this action be different, groundbreaking and full of risk and excitement.

Sexual dissatisfaction

Many people do not feel sexually satisfied with their partners and instead of ending the relationship, they decide to fill this gap keeping sex with someone else fill them and satisfy them in bed, a very common cause of infidelity among both men and the female universe.

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